How to Scout a Job Listing

Do you know how to scout a job listing without wasting time? Here are the only 3 areas you need to pay attention to.

If you’ve ever applied to a job before, then you’ve likely gone “job shopping.”

There’s an art to job shopping. One I learned by wasting a lot of time.

I read every nook and cranny for every single job listing.

I would spend hours every night, clicking through numerous jobs.

Only to have wasted that time with no tangible results from my efforts.

Have you ever experienced this?

Have you wondered if there was an easier way?

Good news my friends, there is.

When you look through a job listing, it’s important to spend as little time as possible.


Because you don’t want to waste time on jobs that you don’t want.

Time is valuable. Here’s how you save it.

First, look at the job title.

This is important because this will be your working identity.

Titles follow you. Even after you leave the job.

You need to be comfortable with the job title.

It needs to provide opportunity, not limit it.

Don’t go too narrow.

You can’t become a manager in a retail store if you were “Head of Cheese Operations” at QFC.

I’m not making up that title either.

Make sure the job listing has a title that will benefit you.

Second, look at the qualifications.

After the title, this is the next most important.

You can dream about being selected for a job all you want.

You’ll never be considered if you don’t qualify.

Scout out the educational requirements and the work history requirements.

You should know by the title if you don’t qualify. But if you’re uncertain, look here.

If you only have a high school diploma, and the listing says a college degree is mandatory, then move on.

No, that’s not fun to hear. But I don’t want you wasting time.

Finally, look at the responsibilities.

You need to know what you would be doing.

But this is unimportant until you establish that the job works for you.

Look at what your day to day looks like.

Do you like it?

Does it seem like something you would enjoy enough to do?

Looking here will help you establish that answer.

No matter what, just don’t read from top to bottom.

It’s a waste of time. Especially when you read a listing you like only to find out you’re not qualified.

Save more time. Look at those three areas. In that order.

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