3 Ways to Shorten Your Job Search

Going on a job search can be hard.

Sometimes you don’t know what you want to do.

Other times, you know, but can’t find the right opportunity.

How can you narrow your focus? How can you find the right opportunity without wasting so much time?

Here are 3 tips that will help you shorten your job search.

1. Use Alternative Keywords

Too many times we become stuck in this pattern of searching for one job title.

But, not all titles are created equal. Some companies use different titles for different things.

You don’t want to miss out on those opportunities do you?


Then I suggest changing the word you’re searching for.

How do you do that? Let’s take the example of “Manager”. So many people want to be a manager.

But does every company call their managers a “Manager”? The answer is no.

Some companies call their managers “Supervisors.” Some call them “Team Leads.” Some call them “Assistant Managers.”

By limiting your search, you miss these opportunities. Change up your search. Search for synonyms. You’ll be surprised at how many you’ve been missing.

2. Apply More Frequently

I see this a lot. I was guilty of it too.

I would get my heart set on ONE position. And then I would apply.

Then I’d wait… and wait…. and wait…

Then I’d never get a call back.

Meanwhile, there were numerous opportunities I had missed because I sat on my hands.

Let me let you in a secret…

There’s more than just one job that you could enjoy.

I remember getting a call from a job that I really wanted. I interviewed on the phone and in person.

Pay was good. Commute was close. Everything seemed to be lining up.

Then I found out that even though they liked me, they were going with someone else.

That bothered me for days.

“WHY DIDN’T THEY PICK ME!?” I thought.

Then a company that I had applied with a MONTH earlier sent me an email.

They wanted to talk to me.

Guess what?

Pay was just as good. Commute was even better. And they hired me.

That was just ONE job that I received a call back from. There were more.

I would not have been given this great opportunity if I didn’t apply frequently.

There’s no such thing as the perfect one. Apply to more places.

3. Keep Your Resume Updated

The biggest problem I see people have with their resume, is updating it.

The last time they looked at it was a long time ago.

Pretty much when they got their last job.

The problem with that is, it’s harder to update when you’re not working there anymore.

You don’t remember the valuable information that shows what you’re really worth.

You just remember your main responsibilities.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to keep your resume updated. Constantly.

This will help you continue to improve it. Add new accomplishments. And overall display your actual value.

I don’t care if you’re just starting your new position. Add your responsibilities.

Add accomplishments as you achieve them.

Add the amount of money you handle.

Add the amount of people you manage.

Keep these items updated so that you can be open to new opportunities when the time is right.

And so you don’t have that overwhelming feeling of trying to remember EVERYTHING that you did before.

Use these 3 tips and shorten the time you spend on your job search on Indeed.com every day.

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