Mama Lied About Your Career

“How could they just let you go?” His friend asked.

“I don’t know. I gave them so much of my time. I gave them years of my life. Half of my career has been spent there. No “Thank You.” No severance package. Nothing. They just said that they needed to move on.” The recently unemployed man said.

Did your Mama tell you that you should find a good place to work and stay there?


Mama meant well.

But she was wrong.

She gave you a lot of advice that worked a long time ago.

“Stay at one company.”

“Be Loyal”

“Always do your best”

Ok. that last one is still good advice.

I have a problem with the first two though.

The days of staying at a company for the length of your career is over.

Loyalty ain’t what it used to be.

The hidden truth that companies don’t want you to know is this…

Unless you’re worth promoting within the first year, they want you gone.

How could they!? That’s just mean.

It’s true.

The reason? You cost too much.

Especially if you’re not worth promoting.

If you have no desire to move up, if you’re not willing to work harder, then why on earth would they keep you?

Companies want people that they can plug in anywhere, anytime they want.

They want versatility.

They want to use you however they see fit.

Now, I don’t say this to jade you. I’m not trying to make you hate your employer.

I want you to be in the power position.

I want you to succeed.

I want to help you flip the table.

If this is the way the world, how do we succeed?

We move. We change companies.

You must continuously develop your career, your skills and your opportunities.

You must constantly be on the lookout for your next opportunity while you’re in your current position.

You will never reach your dream job if you’re not open to the opportunity.

You may have to move states.

You’ll definitely have to change companies.

But no matter what, if you stay at one company, you’re bound to underachieve.

I know it’s scary. It’s the unknown.

But change is a good thing.

Something you should embrace.

If you have not been promoted, or the discussion hasn’t even come up, then it’s time to move.

That may sound hasty, but it’s not.

I recently read an article that said if you stay at a company for 6 years without a promotion, you start looking like someone who will never be promoted.

Is that what you want?

Because it’s not what you deserve.

Start sniffing around.

Look for opportunities.

They’re all around you.

When you find the right one, capitalize.

Otherwise someone else will.

And you’ll still be stuck, moving closer and closer to unpromotable.

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