Become A Master Grocery Shopper

I went to the grocery store today alone. This almost never happens. I needed to pick up water for my family. As I went to do so, I wasn’t intending on finding better ways to shop. But I found 3 ways that you can save more money while you shop for groceries.

1. Make A List

I know, it seems so mundane.

Hear me out.

If you go in without a list, you’ll end up spending more money. I guarantee it.

The reason?

You’ll see things that you think “I haven’t had that in a while, I want that.” Then you put that item in your cart. Do you need it? Of course not. And what happens after you get home?

You feel good about it for a few minutes. Then you forget about it.

But the money doesn’t come back.

And how often have you bought something just for it to go bad before you had the chance to eat it? Probably way too often.

Go in with a list.

If you focus on the list, you can calculate exactly how much you’ll spend before you go in the store. You’ll only buy the items on the list, which will save you money. And, if you make a proper list, you only have to go to the grocery store once for the week.

3 wins for the price of 1?

Make a list.

2. Speed Shop

This is for all of you who will still buy things that are not on the list.

I know some of you are going “But James, I make a list and still buy extra stuff!” Then you need new tactics.

Want a fun one?

Speed Shop.

Give yourself a certain amount of time. Let’s say 15 minutes. From the time you walk in the store, to the time you’re in the car leaving, can only take 15 minutes.

What does this do? It creates pressure. It makes things a game.

There are other side benefits too.

For instance, when I went in today, I walked past the area to pick up some lunch items to go get water.

Water is close to the checkout lanes.

Why would I go grab water, come back for the lunch items, then turn back around and head for the checkout line? That’s inefficient.

When you time yourself, you think about these things.

Set a timer. Shop efficiently. Spend less. Leave happy.

3. Buy In Bulk

No. I don’t mean Costco. You can buy in bulk at any grocery store. I mean, pay attention to deals.

I walked into the store today thinking that I needed something for lunch. I went to pick up a frozen pizza that I love.

It was one I used to eat all the time as a kid. It’s nostalgic, so I still pick them up from time to time.

When I went to go pick one up, I noticed the price said “8/$10.00”. Eight for ten dollars?

They cost $2 a piece.

Essentially, I’d be getting 3 free. You can bet I capitalized on that. Now I have lunch for the next week by spending only $10.

The water I bought cost more than that!

Pay attention to the prices and the ads for the food in the store. I’m not saying that you should shop around ads, but buy in bulk when it makes sense.

I know this wasn’t a post about Career Development, but this is something that we all have to do. This website will have personal development ideas sprinkled throughout it. I hope to provide people life value rather than just career advice.

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