Is Your Career Worth $9.99 To You?

Reach into your pocket. What do you have?




Let me guess. In your wallet, you have a debit card.

Maybe you have credit cards too. Get rid of them.

Pull out your phone. Open your banking app.

Do you have at least $1,000 in savings?


That’s a problem. I want to fix it.

But you need to understand how you got here.

There’s a lot of poor advice out there. By many “gurus.” But it’s all bullshit.

There’s a lot of poor advice on the internet too.

I just read an article that said you should “dress minimally” and “fix things yourself” in order to save money.

I’m not a handyman. I don’t fix things. I suspect that neither are you.

If you follow this advice, you’re going to keep having problems.

If you keep following this dumb advice, you’ll never see a million dollars.

Do you want to worry about money your whole life?

No? Then you need to find the truth.

Do you want the truth? Do you really want to know what the problem is?

Income. You don’t have enough of it.

“I know that James!”

Well… What are you doing about it?

That’s my problem.

You’re not doing enough to change your situation for the better.

You’re leaving it up to chance. You’re hoping everything will be alright in the end.

Hope is not a strategy.

Finding opportunities to make more money is a strategy.

Do you know how?

Read my book.

I’ve laid out a system that will show you how to upgrade your job, your income and your life.

It’s a simple system. You can read the book in a day.

It costs $9.99.

Is your career worth $9.99?

Is potentially doubling your income worth $9.99?

This book could be the difference between downsizing and upgrading.

More money will change your life.

You’ll be able to look out the window and see nothing but blue ocean.

You’ll be able to walk out your front door and feel the sand beneath your feet. Feel the breeze blow through your hair.

You won’t feel this if you’re broke. All you’ll feel is fear when you’re broke.

Buy my book. Make more money. Live happy.

The end.

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