Career is Stuck in Neutral? Do This

Let’s talk about results. Results are the king. Results are the Mack Daddy of the business world. Results are the only thing your manager is worried about. Results belong on your resume.

Your manager is not worried about how many times you take out the trash in a day. Your manager is not worried about how many times you run to the bathroom. The only thing your manager is concerned about, are the results you provide the company.

Do you know how you benefit the company? Do you know how to affect the company’s bottom line? If you don’t then it’s no wonder that you haven’t gotten a promotion or a raise recently.

It’s also no surprise that you don’t know this information. Nobody out there is teaching you your real value. Nobody wants you to know what your actual value is. Why not? They’re afraid you’re going to take their spot. Everyone is selfish and you need to be too.

Not educating you on your actual value is a secret employers are trying to keep. They need to keep this secret because they don’t want to pay you any more than they have to. Employers can’t afford to pay what you’re actually worth. Therefore, you’re a danger to a company if you know what your true value is.

That’s why it’s so important for you to find a new job right now. Because your employer cannot pay you what you’re actually worth. If you’re content with earning a minimal amount then feel free to stay in the slow lane, but if you want the secret to making more money than listen up.

If you want more money in your life then you need to start talking about results. Especially on your resume. You need to promote yourself. All the time. You need to talk about all of your accomplishments as frequently as you can. The reason you must do this is because no one else is going to do it for you.

No one else is going to advertise you as much as you are. No one else is concerned about your future. No one else is concerned about how much money you’re making. The only reason anyone would be concerned about how much money you’re making, is if you’re making more than them. And your goal should be to make more than them.

How much work are you doing? Do you even know? The only way for you to know how much work you’re actually doing is to talk about numbers. Numbers are the be-all end-all of any results based conversation you can have with someone. You need to talk about the number of customers that you’re helping on a daily basis.

You need to talk about how much money you’re handling on a daily basis. You need to talk about how many sales you’re getting in a day. You need to talk about anything that relates to any kind of number that affects the bottom line of a company. Tasks are s***.  Nobody gives a damn about tasks. Nobody cares that you’re taking out the trash. You were hired to make money. The only way you can explain how you’re making money is by the use of numbers.

Taking out the trash does not make a company money. But talking to 100 customers per day does. So when it comes to your resume, you need to be concerned about putting numbers anywhere you possibly can. This is the biggest secret that I can show you at this particular moment. It’s the most pertinent, most powerful way to convey your value on a piece of paper.

And if you want more little green pieces of paper that justify your value, then you need to put numbers down on a little white piece of paper to earn those little green pieces of paper. Right results on your resume. There’s no room for tasks anymore.

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